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Finetuning, unlimited

Finetuning in Scenario is an iterative, user-friendly feature that lets you train AI models aligned with your unique style and art direction. The process is swift and doesn't necessitate any advanced hardware or GPU resources.

  • Upload your training data. This can be a collection of images reflecting your style or aesthetic.
  • Finetuned models learn the patterns, colors, or designs in your data. Training is about aligning the AI model with your creative vision.
  • Once the training is completed, the AI is primed to generate images that are very consistent with your style(s).
  • Scenario offers unlimited trainings, enabling users to continuously experiment, iterate, and find their optimal artistic match.
Icon Finetuning

Advanced Image Generation

Welcome to Scenario's Image Generation Interface, where AI artistry meets streamlined functionality.

  • With comprehensive settings including prompts, negative prompts, seeds, guidance, reference images, and more, you can generate up to 16 images per batch - a capacity unmatched in many AI platforms.
  • Refine, bookmark, delete, or export your images with a simple click.
  • Seamlessly switch generators mid-session for easy comparisons of prompts and settings, refining your image generation journey.
  • Supercharge your AI outputs: upscale, remove background, or pixelate for retro vibes
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Composition Control

"Composition Control" (a.k.a. ControlNet) in Scenario is designed to grant you precision over the composition of your AI-crafted visuals. It's perfect for creating multiple series of variants.

  • Bridging the gap between AI's occasional unpredictability and the requirements of game artists, this function comprehends specific elements within reference images provided by the user.
  • Scenario's Composition Control boasts 12 different modes including Structure, Depth, Lines, Segmentation, Line Art, Normal Map, and Scribble, among others. Each mode is designed to draw out and interpret different information types.
  • With this wide array of modes, Scenario offers unparalleled precision and creative flexibility.
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The Canvas is a tool designed to facilitate image generation, via different modes (Text To Image, Image To Image, Inpainting, and Outpainting). Users can modify image generations, extend images, and create new content.

  • By using advanced features like masking or sketching, users can augment the images, use prompts to generate new images, paint corrections within AI-generated outputs, or add new details or objects.