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Upscaling Images for High-Quality Visuals

Resolution enhancement upscales the size of images up to 16 times on SD 1.5 and 8 times on SDXL, enhancing visuals for higher resolutions without compromising image quality.

Enhancing Image Details

Specialized upscaling features including Precise, Balanced and creative presets and offers the possibility to optimize an upscale depending on the desired style. These features are designed to enhance the details and clarity of images during the upscaling process, ensuring that the finer elements are preserved and emphasized.

Easily Compare your Upscled Results

Scenario offers the possibility to easily compare the upscaled results via a cursor to optimise results.

How it works

Any generated images can be enhanced using the upscale tool for improved quality. This process involves selecting the desired resolution increase, applying the right preset and style to ensure the upscaling preserves detail and clarity, and then exporting the refined images directly into game production pipelines.

Use cases

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Games often need to be deployed across various platforms with different display capabilities. Upscaling ensures that assets created for lower-resolution platforms can be adapted to high-resolution platforms easily. This uniformity in asset quality across platforms can significantly streamline the game development process.

High-Resolution Game Assets

Upscale images to create high-resolution assets that are essential for a smooth gaming experiences. High-resolution assets are particularly important for large-scale displays or platforms that support 8K and beyond, ensuring that the game visuals remain sharp and detailed, regardless of the player's screen size or device.

Level of Detail Scaling

Upscaling is valuable for creating multiple levels of detail (LODs) for game assets. Generating a base image and upscaling it to create higher LODs is crucial for performance optimization. Higher LODs are used when the player is close to an object, ensuring the visual quality is maintained, while lower LODs are used at a distance to save on processing power.

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