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Experience the power of Scenario across all platforms - through our user-friendly Web App, our versatile API for seamless integrations, comprehensive plugins, and convenient mobile apps.

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Train models & create assets, in the browser

Revolutionize Game Development with AI-Generated Assets - Explore Scenario’s advanced engine for creating custom-trained AI models to generate style-consistent, IP-perfect game assets.

Ideal for game studios seeking full control over their AI, streamline workflows and integrate seamlessly with game. Start building unique game worlds today with Scenario's GenAI engine.

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Preview and generate on the go, from mobile

Unleash the Power of AI in Game Design with Scenario's companion mobile app – A groundbreaking Generative AI Engine at your fingertips transforming game asset creation. Experience unparalleled style consistency with custom-trained AI-powered image generators.

Create stunning visuals effortlessly using text prompts and reference images. Ideal for game developers and artists looking to innovate and streamline their creative process on the go.

 Interactive interface of Scenario's Mobile App for creative AI tools on-the-go
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Integrate Scenario in your products via our API

Transform Game Development with Scenario API: A Robust AI-Driven Engine for Game Asset Creation – Leverage custom-trained AI models for generating unique game visuals via our comprehensive API in-game. Features include model training, image generation, and editing, with support for multiple programming languages like Shell, Node, Ruby, PHP, and Python. Perfect for developers and studios seeking efficient, creative control over game asset production.

Detailed view of Scenario's robust API interface for seamless integration
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Bring Scenario to your Discord community

Enhance Your Discord Experience with Scenario Discord Bot - Add a touch of creativity to your server with Scenario, a Discord bot designed to generate style-consistent visuals from any custom AI-models with just a few simple commands. Easy to integrate and use, Scenario Bot is perfect for communities looking to add a bit of entertainment to their interactions.

Scenario Discord Bot interface promoting community-driven art creation
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Leverage Scenario directly within Unity

Revolutionize asset creation in game development with the Scenario Unity Plugin. Seamlessly integrated into the Unity Editor, this plugin connects with your generators, bringing the full suite of Scenario's features into Unity.

This cutting-edge open-source plugin bridges Unity with Scenario's AI, simplifying the asset creation process. Perfect for creating isometric tiles, platformer levels, and animated assets. Ideal for Unity developers seeking an innovative, efficient solution for game asset development.

Scenario Unity Plugin interface within the Unity Editor for streamlined asset creation