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Experience the power of Scenario across all platforms - through our user-friendly Web App, our versatile API for seamless integrations, comprehensive plugins, and convenient mobile apps.

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Train models & create assets, in the browser

The Scenario web app harnesses the artistic and creative powers of AI within an interface that's accessible to everyone. Our cloud-based platform ensures secure, collaborative, real-time access to projects on any device. We continuously update it with cutting-edge AI models and user-friendly features, making it a dynamic hub for AI-driven game art.

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Preview and generate on the go, from mobile

The Scenario mobile apps for iOS and Android supplement the web app and are practical demonstrations of our API.

They deliver our AI tools directly to your fingertips and providing you the freedom to explore creative ideas that pop up throughout your day.

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Integrate Scenario in your products via our API

Scenario's robust API enhances our service utility in your apps, websites, games, or platforms. It integrates seamlessly with our web app for collaborative use of your custom AI models.

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Bring Scenario to your Discord community

Introduce your custom generators to your Discord server. Our Bot catalyzes community-driven fan art creation, and stimulates creativity, innovation, and dynamic player engagement.

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Leverage Scenario directly within Unity

The Scenario Unity plugin streamlines asset creation, directly within the Unity Editor. It connects with your generators and brings all Scenario features directly within Unity. No need to switch between different platforms!

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