Easily Organize Your Images and Models into Collections

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Streamlined Image & Model Management

Efficient organization of images and models into named collections, enhancing project management.

Easy Asset Integration Across Platform

Simplified addition of assets to collections from various locations within the platform.

Enhanced Asset Categorization for Improved Access

Streamlined categorization process, allowing for better accessibility and management of creative assets.

How it works

The "Creating a New Collection" feature in Scenario allows for the efficient organization of images and models into collections. This is achieved by clicking the '+' symbol in the left panel of the interface. Once a collection is named, it can be created using the 'Create collection' button. Furthermore, the feature supports adding images and models to these collections from any location where the collection button is available, streamlining asset management.

Use cases

Phase-Based Organization

Studios can utilize collections to group assets by different development stages, like concept, production , and marketing, aiding in project management.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Collections allow different departments within a studio to access and contribute to specific asset groups relevant to their part of the project, facilitating smoother collaboration.

Organized Categorization

Collections help in neatly organizing assets into specific groups, like character models or environment textures, for better clarity.

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