Effortless Background Removal for your game assets

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Simple Interface for Selecting or Uploading Images

Simple Interface for Background Removal providing a straightforward option to either select an image from a library or upload a visual for background removal.

Isolating Subjects for Game Asset Production

Transparent Background Option which is commonly used in the production of game assets to isolate subjects for use in various compositions or overlays.

Swapping Colors for Integrated Design Contexts

Customizable Background Color to replace the removed background with any other color providing flexibility for integrating the isolated image into different contexts or designs.

How it works

Isolate streamlines efficient background removals for seamless integration into game scenes, with options for transparency or custom color backgrounds to match in-game environments. Isolate also offers the possibility to bulk images for a streamlined background removal.

Use cases

Asset Integration Animation Preparation

This process facilitates smoother animations by focusing on the asset without any background distractions.

Promotional Material Creation

For marketing purposes, like creating game trailers or promotional images, having assets without backgrounds offers flexibility in designing appealing visual content that highlights the game's features.

Asset Integration

Removing backgrounds from character or item assets allows for their seamless integration into various game environments, ensuring that they blend well with different settings and backdrops. For animating characters or objects, a clear background is essential.

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