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Facilitated Collaboration

Team Workspaces in Scenario facilitate collaboration on projects by allowing users to easily invite colleagues.

Private by default

By default, team workspaces on Scenario are set to private, making them accessible exclusively to the team members.


Scenario's workspace settings accommodate different user roles, allowing for designation as either an admin or a member, tailoring access and control accordingly.

How it works

A workspace is first established for a specific Studio, team or project. Within this workspace, roles like admin or member are assigned to team members, defining access levels. The workspace serves as a hub for collaboration, where team members can share, work on, and refine projects. This streamlined environment supports efficient communication, review, and feedback processes, culminating in the finalization and distribution of the completed work.

Use cases

Central Hub

The workspace acts as a central hub where different departments within a studio can share assets, provide feedback, and track the progress of the game's development, ensuring that all team members are aligned and that the game's vision is cohesively maintained throughout the development process.

Collaboration and organizational tools

Enhancing asset management and team coordination. These include collections for grouping related assets, tags for easy categorization, and a search function to locate specific assets.

Creative Workflows

Artists or designers can utilize workspaces for creative projects, organising their work in a single location and leveraging tools such as Canvas for live collaboration.

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