Canvas Inpainting

Edit, blend and restore image elements with precision

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AI Masking for Precision Inpainting and Targeted Enhancements

Selective Editing enables to Highlight areas with an AI mask for inpainting, allowing to specify where the image should be edited.

Multi-layers capabilities

The canvas supports the development of multiple layers, allowing for detailed editing. These layers can include images that were previously generated, as well as imported images that serve as reference materials to seamlessly integrate into the overall composition.

Tailored Brushes, Erasers, and Color Selection for Precision Edits

Comprehensive suite of tools presenting with different size of brushes, erasers, color picker allowing for creative control over the area to be edited, supporting both minor touch-ups and major alterations.

How it works

Inpainting allows precise modification of image parts, using AI to ensure consistency with the rest of the image. It offers precise editing and the ability to introduce subtle variations. The AI-assisted mask blends new details into the assets seamlessly, ideal for fixing flaws, object removal, or gap filling. This integrated process permits iterative refinement within the design flow for optimal results.

Use cases

Creative Modification

It allows for the alteration of existing elements within an image, such as changing a character's outfit, expression or modifying an object, which can be crucial for customizing assets for specific scenes or stories.

Localization Adjustments

Modify in-game assets to fit cultural references or censorship requirements for different regional versions of the game.

Concept Art Variation

Quickly generate different versions of concept art by altering key elements, which can then be presented for team feedback or further development.

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