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Customizable Pixel Grid Size

Pixelate allows to adjust the pixel grid size of any image, with options such as 16px, 32px, 64px, 128px, and 256px. This determines the level of pixelation detail in the resulting image.

Color Palette Customization

Create a new color palette for any images. This would affect the color scheme of the pixelated image.

Noise Removal and Background Removal:

Pixelate has options to remove noise and remove the background from the image. 'Remove noise' helps in creating a cleaner pixel art by reducing image artifacts, while 'Remove background' isolates the main subject of the image by making the background transparent.

How it works

The Pixelate tool is designed to transform detailed images into stylized pixel art, which is an essential process for creating game assets that fit into pixel-based gaming environments. Upon inputting an image, the tool applies a customizable pixel grid size to adjust the resolution of the pixelation, effectively rescaling the detail to match classic or retro gaming aesthetics. The option to create a custom color palette allows the algorithm to recolor the image using a specific set of colors, ensuring consistency with the game’s overall design scheme. Additionally, the noise removal feature ensures the pixelated image maintains visual clarity, while the background removal feature is instrumental for isolating characters or items, making them ready to be integrated seamlessly into game levels or interfaces. This combination of features allows for the efficient production of coherent and visually appealing game assets.

Use cases

Art and Design Prototyping

For game designers who are working on the conceptual phase of a game’s development, the Pixelate tool can be an efficient way to prototype various art styles and asset designs without committing extensive resources to hand-drawing. This can aid in pitching ideas, testing concepts, or establishing visual themes before moving on to more detailed asset creation.

Retro Game Development

Game studios that specialize in creating retro-themed games or those aiming for a nostalgic aesthetic can use the Pixelate tool to craft assets that resonate with the visuals of classic 8-bit or 16-bit era games. By pixelating character models, environment textures, and other assets, they ensure the game maintains an authentic retro feel.

Mobile Games with Pixel Art Style

Studios developing games for mobile platforms might opt for pixel art to keep the file size low and to ensure that their games run smoothly across a wide range of devices, including those with less processing power. The Pixelate tool would allow them to quickly convert high-resolution images into lower-resolution pixel art that is both stylistically fitting and performance-friendly.

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