Image-to-Image generations

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Use Your Own Visuals as Reference

This facilitates the use of personal images as a reference for style and composition in generated outputs, providing flexibility in resemblance to the original image.

Versatility and Creativity

Image to image enables the creation of original yet style-consistent variations on designs or assets. Enabling to bring quick modifications to an original desig,n.

Control over Output

Image-to-image provides advanced control over the influence of the reference image using the Influence slider to adjust the degree of similarity between the output and the reference image, including specific details like colors and composition

How it works

Image-to-image involves uploading a reference image or picking on from the Scenario library, entering a text prompt, and adjusting an Influence slider. The slider's setting determines how closely the output image will resemble the reference, while the prompt guides the specific details of the transformation, like color and composition. Image-to-image can also be used with ControlNet and IP adapters to create consistent generation from dual image control.

Use cases

Asset Variation

Image-to-image can create diverse versions of existing assets. For instance, a single character or environmental asset can be modified to produce various iterations. This maintains visual consistency across the game while introducing variety, crucial for creating dynamic and engaging game worlds without needing to design each asset from scratch.

Concept Art Modification

Using img2img facilitates to quickly experiment with different styles, colors, and elements for concept art by easily switching the used AI model. This rapid iteration helps in finalizing design choices more efficiently, enabling the exploration of multiple artistic directions in a shorter time frame.

Character Customization

Image-to-image can aid in designing a range of appearances for a single character design. This includes altering hairstyles, clothing, and other accessories. Such versatility is especially valuable in games where character customization is a key feature, allowing for a broad spectrum of unique player avatars while ensuring a consistent quality and style.

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