Scenario's API Usage with Creative Units


Scenario's new billing method for API usage focuses on versatility and user control. This article outlines the key features of the new system and explains how Creative Units function as the currency of API access and operations.

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Creative Units and API Access

Creative Units are the backbone of the new billing system, API usage is now measured in Creative Units, providing a direct correlation between the units consumed and the operations performed.

How Creative Units Work

  • Allocation: Users have the option to purchase a predetermined quantity of Creative Units in advance, tailored to their anticipated subscription needs.
  • Consumption: Different API operations consume varying amounts of units. For instance, generating an image or performing an upscale will deduct a set number of Creative Units from the user's account.
  • Flexibility: Users can freely allocate their Creative Units across different API operations as they see fit, allowing for a fully customizable usage pattern.

Managing API Costs

With Creative Units, you can predict and control your monthly API costs more effectively. Each unit represents a tangible value, making it easier to forecast monthly expenditures based on your application’s usage patterns.

For instance, 5,000 Creative Units can be used to generate 1,000 SDXL images, or execute 500 upscale operations, or create 1,000 vectors. We encourage you to explore our Knowledge Center for more detailed information.

Overages and Additional Units

Should you exhaust your monthly allotment of Creative Units, additional units can be purchased to continue uninterrupted service. This system ensures that your applications keep running smoothly, even during periods of unexpected high usage.

Monitoring and Reporting

Scenario provides tools for real-time monitoring of your Creative Unit consumption. Detailed reports break down usage by type of operation, helping you optimize the distribution of units and manage costs efficiently.


The shift to Creative Units for API usage on Scenario marks a significant step towards a more user-centric and flexible billing model. It empowers developers and businesses to fine-tune their API consumption to match their operational requirements and budget constraints.

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