1.57 - New Login Page & Improvements 🛠️

Features 🚀

  • New login page - redesigned visually.
  • New use cases have been added to the Home page to guide your journey.

Improvements 🏗️

  • Improved the performance of the Models page.
  • Removed the automatic tutorials and updated the visuals and text for clarity.
  • The Changelog widget has been updated and will now automatically open when there is an update.
  • You can now unsubscribe from certain notifications by clicking on a link in the emails.
  • You will get notified (in the top bar) if your Scenario subscription is ending in 5 days or less
  • When using the Pixelate tool, the remove background option is now disabled by default.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Multiple Bug Fixes on the Canvas have been implemented.

Table of content

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