From ComfyUI to Scenario: Streamlining Workflows

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Based in Singapore, Mighty Bear Games has established itself as a pioneer in the video game industry. The studio has recently embarked on a strategic partnership with Scenario to enhance its game asset production pipeline. This collaboration is complementing multiple of their workflows, which previously relied on more complex tools like Automatic1111 or ComfyUI

The Need for Simplified Game Development

Mighty Bear Games has led the way in incorporating GenAI technology into their game production processes to enhance agility and empower their creative team. Benjamin Chevalier, co-founder and head of AI and Growth initiatives, observed that AI integration has significantly reduced the team's involvement in repetitive tasks, shifting their focus towards more creative aspects of game development. The team makes extensive use of tools like Automatic1111 and ComfUI in their art pipelines. These tools are beneficial for highly customized workflows, but complex for less advanced users, often requiring developer input for setup and functionality tests. This complexity underscored the need for an additional streamlined solution that would be equally robust and scalable.

Implementing a Streamlined Solution with Scenario

Mighty Bear Games recognized the need for a simpler, yet robust system early in the production pipeline, to complement their more complex AI workflows. The introduction of Scenario marked a pivotal change, placing the new tool at the core of their art pipelines.

"Scenario has complemented more complex custom workflows, significantly streamlining both the conceptualization and the creation of production-ready assets across our various titles" according to Benjamin Chevalier. This addition not only enhanced operational efficiency but also improved the quality of the final outputs.

Mighty Bear Games - Custom treasure chests on Scenario
Example of how MightyBear streamlined its production training a model on treasure chests andd making them seasonal using Scenario

Building a Culture of Innovation with GenAI

At Mighty Bear Games, GenAI is integral to the studio’s culture. The focus is on education first, encouraging every team member to explore and apply GenAI in new ways. This approach has enhanced the capabilities of artists, allowing them to concentrate more on creative tasks and improve their professional skills. Once they replicated the same quality of output as the original assets, the same artists who have traditionally produced these assets in 3D opted to fine-tune and generate them in Scenario directly. A perfect solution for Production Art. This obliterates the usual narrative that real Artists would be replaced with “AI Artists, as the Mighty Bear Games team is solely composed of experienced Production Artists who’s mandate is to continuously identify and implement innovative ways to solve visual problems, and deliver on specs and on target. This makes GenAI, as a whole, and Scenario in particular, a solution that must be explored, although that fundamental duty of the Production Artist is often forgotten. Beyond using GenAI for game development, the studio is also developing AI solutions for its live products.

Diverse Tools for Diverse Needs

Mighty Bear Games uses a wide range of tools tailored to meet diverse needs. The tool selection process includes initial testing to determine requirements and developing workflows for the most complex tasks. Scenario stands out for its user-friendliness and effectiveness, making it a popular choice for many of the studio’s Artists.

Mighty Bear Games - AI Consistent Poses on Scenario
Mighty Bear Games is using Scenario to generate highly consistent characters with specific poses

Sharing Knowledge and Leading by Example

Benjamin Chevalier actively shares knowledge with other studios exploring genAI, recommending it as a vital tool for artists. He often suggests starting with Scenario due to its user-friendly interface and high-quality results. Through these exchanges, Mighty Bear Games not only contributes to the gaming industry's growth but also cements its role as a pioneer in adopting AI in game development.


Mighty Bear Games is setting a new standard in the gaming industry by fully integrating genAI into its operations. This not only enhances the studio's production capabilities but also enriches the professional development of its team. As the studio continues to innovate and lead in this area, it invites other game developers to explore the potential of genAI, promising a new era of creativity and efficiency in game development.

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