How InnoGames Uses Scenario to Streamline Production

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Use cases: 

Loading screens 

Character Generations and character poses

Icon Generations 


In the fast-evolving world of mobile games, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. At Scenario, we're thrilled to provide strategic AI solutions to InnoGames, a major European developer of mobile and browser games, with world-class hits like Forge of Empires, Elvenar, or Tribal Wars, providing fun for millions of players around the world.

By integrating Scenario's AI solutions into their creative workflow, InnoGames has streamlined the production of in-game assets and accelerated the exploration of new concepts. Thanks to custom-trained AI models and advanced generation techniques, InnoGames has significantly improved key aspects of game development, such as character design or icon creation.

Furthermore, Scenario's approach is perfectly aligned with InnoGames’ commitment to prioritizing their creative team, safeguarding data privacy and security, and empowering their artists with technology. This strategic application of AI not only boosts the productivity of the InnoGames team but also establishes new standards for AI integration within the gaming industry.

"Scenario allows us to shorten our production time, stay consistent with our styles and quickly test new ideas. It’s becoming an integral part of our tool chain.”

Dario Berruti - Head of Art, InnoGames

Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency:

As an early adopter of Generative AI, InnoGames began experimenting with Scenario in early 2023 to evaluate its potential benefits for their operations. The key objectives were to generate high-quality outputs while ensuring significant diversity in the generated content, minimizing the need for artists to overpaint.

Their art team successfully explored three primary areas:

1. Backgrounds and loading screens

2. Character generation and posing

3. Icon generation

To maintain strict style consistency and align with their existing art direction, InnoGames leveraged Scenario's comprehensive suite of tools, such as custom AI model training, advanced reference modes, or the AI canvas for precise editing.

For example, InnoGames’ fantasy MMO “Elvenar” required a diverse range of character portraits rendered in a specific oil-painted style. New models were trained using InnoGames' own images to capture the distinctive aesthetic of Elvenar accurately. The AI-generated in-game portraits were consistent, displayed sufficient diversity, and required only minimal retouching by artists.

Elvenar Portraits generated on Scenario by InnoGames
Example of portraits generated using Scenario for Elvenar

In redefining icons for “Sunrise Village,” the InnoGames art team took a new approach to reimagining them in fresh styles. By utilizing reference image capabilities along with platform models provided by Scenario, the team experimented with various styles to identify those that best enhanced the original visuals.

Icons for Sunrise Village generated by InnoGames on Scenario
Examples of Icons for Sunrise Village generated using Scenario

InnoGames' team has also heavily relied on Scenario for conceptualizing backgrounds and rendering assets in their distinctive, trademark styles.

Example of a rendered output processed on Scenario

A key element of their strategy was to adopt a platform that supports multi-user collaboration, enabling the team to gather, create, and share insights effectively. Dario Berruti, Innogames’ Head of Art, observed that Scenario has significantly enhanced the capabilities of UI artists, empowering them to tackle more complex and advanced tasks. This advancement has reduced the time needed to create new in-game assets by as much as 50%.

Empowering Artists and Ensuring Data Security:

Aligned with their core values, InnoGames prioritized empowering their artists by putting them at the forefront, focusing on education and enablement to enhance their creative capabilities. The capacity to retain full creative control and train custom models on proprietary data was a top priority. To empower the InnoGames team in their use of AI, the Scenario's customer success team stepped in and provided extensive guidance, organizing regular check-ins to optimize workflows.

Another decisive factor in InnoGames' choice of partner was Scenario’s commitment to data privacy and security. Unlike other AI platforms that might use customer data for supervised learning without strong privacy safeguards, Scenario ensures robust data security. It provides private-by-default workspaces and comprehensive data governance and lineage, allowing each generated asset to be traced back to its source with detailed records of its creation.

InnoGames is setting a new standard in the integration of AI tools within the gaming industry. This approach not only boosts their operational efficiency but also strengthens their commitment to ethical technology use, ensuring a sustainable and innovative future.

About InnoGames: 

InnoGames is one of the leading German developers of mobile and browser games and a certified Great Place to Work®. The Hamburg-based company was founded in 2007 and is now part of Modern Times Group (MTG). Together with 350+ employees from over 40 nations, the original founders develop unique games that provide many years of fun for millions of players around the world. InnoGames is best known for creating high-quality strategy and simulation hits such as Forge of Empires, Elvenar and Tribal Wars, but is continually expanding its now 9-game portfolio across platforms and genres. The most recent additions were Rise of Cultures and Sunrise Village, which were launched in 2022.  

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