Start Creating on Scenario

Welcome to Scenario! We are on a mission to revolutionize the way games are made by building advanced generative AI technology that enables anyone to easily create style consistent game assets.

This introductory guide is designed to help navigate our web app platform.

Navigating the Interface

Scenario has a simple and straightforward interface. When you first log into Scenario you will find the following navigation categories on your left hand panel:

Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 2.05.21 PM


On the Home Page you can find easy pathways to start generating amazing images right away using the 'Start From Here' categories. You can also find quick links to all our tools available on Scenario. You can restart your most current generations. You can access our various Tutorial Series and also see images we generated to get you inspired!


Here you will find all of the Models available on platform including our Platform Models, Your Models, Community Models, and Foundation Models. You can easily search Models with the search function, Filter by Model type, and Filter by Model status.


All of the images you’ve generated can be found within this section. By scrolling over the images, you can also see the prompt used as well as access the image selection function.


Here you can access our Canvas where you can use in-painting and out-painting, and our sketch and elements tools. Simply click on New Project to get started.


The pixelate feature allows to turn any asset generated on Scenario into a pixel perfect asset ready for integration into your game.


The isolate tool allows you to easily remove a background and if desired replace it with a high contrast color.


You can easily upscale any of your creations on Scenario with this tool.


Easily vectorize any asset and download it as an .svg file.


In this section you can create a new collection or easily access your previously created collections

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