Crafting the Perfect Gem Icon Pack

Match 3 gem game


Designing icons for a Match 3 game can be a time-consuming task, as all assets need to be created with both a consistent style and specific proportions. Scenario can help you streamline this process to significantly speed up game development, enabling quicker updates and enhancements.

This article covers a detailed workflow of how to create new gems in various colors and shapes to complete your game using one of the Scenario Platform Models. In the next steps, we will:

1. Use a Custom-Trained Model

2. Set a Reference Shape

3. Generate in Variations

4. Remove Background and Export

Follow along to familiarize yourself with the steps, or apply it to your own styles or use cases.

Step 1: Load a Model

Scenario has over 200 stylized models available for users that provide the ability to quickly generate new assets. In this workflow we recommend the Gem Icons model which can be found under Platform Models in the model gallery. You can also directly access the model via this link.

3 Gems

Once you are on the model’s information page, go ahead and click Generate with This Model to load the inference screen.

Step 2: Set a Reference Shape

For best results, this workflow relies on using a Reference Image. The best reference images to use here are simple shapes that give clear boundaries for the edges and structure of your gems. The tool we are using does not rely on color information, so it is fine to use gray or black images on a white background.

You can also quick start by using the pack of sample images we’ve provided via this link.

Pick a shape that you would like to use and upload the image to the Reference Image section of the page, on the left hand interface. Change the Mode to ControlNet, specifically "Depth" (in the drop-down menu). Adjust the influence to 75.

A green gemstone

Step 3: Generate and Export

The next step is to craft prompts to further guide the generations. In this case, it is very simple - just write the color you are aiming for. For example:





Three gems in different colors.

The model is already trained to generate a gemstones, so you don't necessarily need to write lengthy, detailed descriptions. Hit Generate. To create a full set, you can simply replace the reference image/shape and adjust the prompt (changing colors, or other features).

Step 4: Remove Background and Export

Lastly, don’t forget to Remove Background from the post processing tab, to the left. Keep a transparent background or select a replacement color if necessary, and click the Remove Background button.


It has never been easier to develop icons for Match 3 games, or any type of icon you desire. With the tools available on Scenario you can move faster than ever and get your game to market in record time!

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