Reskinning Isometric Buildings

Reskinned lighthouses


In real-time and turn based strategy games, factions are often differentiated by their banner colors while the assets themselves remain consistent in style and structure where uniformity in design emphasizes cohesion and identity. We’ll show you a seamless method for reskinning assets for consistency —be it characters, props, or buildings—all unified by a single style.

We’ll proceed through the following steps:

  1. Generate Buildings to Reskin
  2. Generate Faction Colors
  3. Reskin a Building Set
  4. Upscale and Remove Background for Production

Step 1: Prepare Buildings and Model to Reskin

Choose the model you want to generate your desired assets on. For this example, we’ll use the Isometric Enchantment Model and work with reskinning buildings. You can prompt on this model along with us by clicking here.

Base images

In this article we will provide a set of base images to generate from. However, you can find more information on how to generate your own base images by following the 'Build Isometric Tiles' workflow. The Image to Image workflow works especially well for this model.

Build Isometric Tiles with AI

Base Image Download

The file name of each image indicates what kind of structure you should prompt in the next steps.

Step 2: Generate Faction Colors

For the next step, describe the banner colors of the different factions and generate a generic building using those colors in the prompt:

‘[building], [color], [color]

You can create as many color palettes as you want. Remember to adjust the influence of ControlNet Structure to play with different variations. We will generate an additional 4 banner color palettes for the Lighthouse Image. These images are not going to match perfectly in style, you are looking for color and details that you like. The base image will provide structure in the next step.

‘lighthouse, blue, silver

Lighthouse blue and silver

‘lighthouse, purple, green

Purple and green

You can also indicate a thematic change, such as:

‘lighthouse, made of candy

Made of candy

Step 3: Reskin a Building Set

Drag and drop or upload the building you want to reskin in place of the Tile Image Reference. Switch the mode to Controlnet + Style Reference and keep the Structure mode selected for ControlNet. Change the Influence to 75.

Use the faction colors you want for Style Reference and set the Influence to 25. As before you may need to make small adjustments to the Influence parameter of both ControlNet Structure and Style Reference.

In the Prompt Window, use the same prompting format as before with the corresponding colors you are reskinning. While it is not always necessary to describe the building again, we recommend doing so to help guide the generation.  Click Generate and quickly reskin each of the buildings.

Repeat this process for as many faction banner colors as you want.

Step 4: Enhance and Remove Background for Production

Putting a final polish on your new isometric building assets is easy. You can easily access the Upscale tool on the Image View page from the right hand panel. Alternatively you can download your base image assets and navigate to the Enhance page from the left panel.

Experiment with a single asset until you find the setting you like. You can choose from among the Styles and Presets Scenario provides or dial in your own with the Settings sliders. Once you find the parameters you like, Enhance all the assets using the same settings for consistency. In this case we used Standard as the style preset.

We then simply selected all of the Assets directly from the Enhance page and clicked the Remove Background button on the bottom bar for a quick process and export.


Creating Isometric buildings skinned for different factions for Strategy Games has never been quicker and easier. By selecting the desired model and generating the buildings in the colors of the first faction, you can then quickly reskin those buildings and in minutes have them Enhanced and their backgrounds removed and ready to import into your favorite game-building software.

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