Sketching Objects on Canvas

Creating objects from scratch with simple drawings is a fantastic way to kick-start your creative process

Open a Canvas Project

  • On the left panel, click Canvas and then click +New project
  • Name your Canvas Project and Select your Model

Untitled 1080p (7)

Add a solid color background

The transparent background of the canvas acts as a 'mask'. Be sure to generate on a solid color background if you do not want the AI to fill in the transparent areas.

  • Select Elements from the Canvas menu
  • Click the square (borderless) element and change the color to your preference
  • Resize the square element to completely fill the canvas
Untitled 1080p (7) (1)

Get creative and sketch!

  • Select Sketch from the Canvas menu
  • Adjust the color, brush size, and opacity
  • Draw a basic form of whatever you imagine with some suggestive colors
Untitled 1080p (7) (2)

Mask the area you want to generate

  • Select Generate from the Canvas menu
  • Choose a square, brush, or lasso tool to select the mask area
Untitled 1080p (7) (3)

Write a prompt and generate!

  • Write a prompt to guide your output and click Generate
  • Select your desired result
  • You can directly upscale and download your output

In this example we used the Minerva 1.0 SD 1.5 Signature Model withe the following prompt:

anime, beautiful bouquet of flowers

Untitled 1080p (7) (4)

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