Creating 2,500 Unique Land Plots with Scenario

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Land, Labor and Capitol (LLC) Achieved great success with Scenario

Abstract of Achievements

● Created thousands of assets monthly for 10% of the cost
● Accelerated the production pipeline and time to market
● Focus on core gameplay

Land, Labor, and Capitol (LLC) is a multiplayer on-chain tycoon game that started its public pre-alpha life with a mere 2,500 land plots. Players are able to buy and sell land plots, extract and exchange mined resources, and also construct different production facilities. Given the emphasis on the web3 and modding ethos, functionality evolved to enable players to create their own custom retail assets represented as NFTs that allow players to “feed” NPCs that live across LLC. However, to achieve true decentralization, while also offering unparalleled player creativity and control, the upcoming update to the gameplay will feature fully AI-generated in-game assets using the Scenario AI prompt engine. Long-term, the idea is to utilize this generative AI technology to enable players to have complete creative freedom to design their land using various styles, from pixel art to detailed illustrations or more. The use of blockchain technology means that these assets can be represented as NFTs and owned by players.

Securing adequate funding for high-quality game development is an immense challenge for independent creators and small game studios. A significant portion of these funds typically goes toward hiring contractors, who may demand hundreds of dollars for a single asset produced within a day. Denis notes that a standard 2D asset typically incurs a cost of around $100+ and is usually completed within a timeframe of 4 to 8 hours. The question then becomes, can you raise enough and outspend your competition, or can you use advancements in AI & machine learning technology to optimize operations, be that level design to broader gaming assets? Denis points out that “it is difficult to compete with big studios on the quality of graphics/assets, but we can still create equally engaging game loops and make things more interactive for players by taking a more experimental approach when it comes to player-generated/owned assets as NFTs, while also utilizing AI to a higher capacity.” Opting for Scenario as its generative AI engine, LLC is now capable of generating thousands of assets daily, a task that previously yielded only a few assets monthly, all for $99 per month.

Denis emphasizes the importance of finding a generative AI tool that ensures stylistic consistency and integrates effortlessly with the LLC world. The team selected Scenario for its user-friendly interface, scalability, and the high quality of its generated assets. Scenario enabled the removal of the heavy lifting of game asset creation and allowed the team to concentrate on refining the core gameplay loops.

LLC empowers its players by embracing the randomness of AI-generated content, viewing it as an integral aspect of the game's immersive experience. This approach provides players with the flexibility to modify and refine the AI-created assets, allowing them to precisely craft the visual design of their plots. “Players can create any kind of asset from the simple coffee mug to skyscrapers or even biodomes and treehouses, which is fun!” mentions Denis. Adding that “we think players are prepared to 'accept' AI limitations when it comes to depth and quality of outputs, albeit within reason. But this also means game development teams need to be mindful of this evolutionary process, something we are very prepared for and happy to go with the flow.”

In the future, LLC intends to incorporate Scenario's API as a conduit for player creativity, also empowering them to craft unique avatars and delve into the generation of 3D and low-poly assets.

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