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Comprehensive Creative Productivity Dashboard Overview

The dashboard provides a holistic view of creative productivity, displaying aggregated data on the creation and modification of assets, including upscaling, pixelation, and background removal, for both web and API interactions. This feature offers valuable insights for tracking and optimizing the creative process.

Real-time Analytics

Dynamic graphs on the platform offer visual representations of usage trends, aiding in the effective management and planning of projects by highlighting usage patterns over various timeframes.

How it works

The analytics feature on Scenario works by collecting data on various actions and interactions within the workspace. It then displays this information through intuitive dashboards and visual graphs, providing a clear overview of asset creation and modification activities. These analytics help identify usage patterns and trends, which are essential for informed project management, resource planning, and scheduling in the development cycle. The feature is designed to aid decision-makers in understanding and optimizing their team's workflows and production processes.

Use cases

Resource Allocation

By analyzing trends in platform usage, studios can better allocate resources during high-demand periods to ensure deadlines are met.

Strategic Planning

Insights from usage data can inform strategic decisions regarding project timelines, feature development prioritization, and identifying areas for workflow optimization.

Performance Monitoring

Game studios can monitor the productivity of their teams by tracking asset creation and modification over time, helping to identify peak productivity periods.

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