Text-to-image generations

From simple prompts to production-ready game assets

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Simple Prompting

Scenario allows for generating style-consistent visuals through seamless model prompting in the form of tokens.

Prompt Expressions and Negative Prompting

Scenario includes capabilities like prompt expressions and negative prompting, which allow for nuanced control over the content, either highlighting certain aspects or omitting specific elements.

Advanced Settings for asset generation

Advanced settings provide options for setting aspect ratios, controlling the number of images generated at once, the amount of sampling steps, guidance and allows to select the desired scheduler.

How it works

Scenario allows for easy creation of desired visuals using custom, community, or platform models. Text-to-image generations are by default either 512px or 1024px aspect ratios, depending on the selected model. Once images are created, Scenario offer options for regeneration or refinement to achieve the desired outcome. Additionally, the output images can be enhanced through upscaling, background removal, or vectorization for further customization.

Use cases

Concept Art Creation:

Quickly generating a wide range of visual concepts from textual descriptions, speeding up the initial design process.

Marketing and Localization Assets

Using generative AI for marketing and localization assets allows companies to automatically adapt and A/B test global campaigns for local markets.

Asset Prototyping

Creating preliminary versions of game assets, from props to backgrounds, UX/UI elements and characters to visualize how they might look in the game environment.

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