Elements Library

Access a broad base of elements to guide and enrich your Canvas generations

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Versatile Shapes for Foundational Design Building Blocks

The Element Library offers a variety of basic and more complex shapes that can be used as foundational elements or building blocks in the creation of more complex designs within the canvas.

Adjust any Elements Size and Color

Adjust and manipulate elements dynamically on the canvas, applying real-time changes to positioning and color, along with effects like blur, brightness, and shadow for immediate visual enhancement.

Layer up elements

Use multiple elements to create complex generations thanks to the canvas layer capabilities.

How it works

The Element Library serves as a versatile collection of graphics for direct integration into the canvas, enabling to quickly mock up simple and more complex game visuals. The element Library is complete with customizable features and effects to accommodate a range of design requirements in a streamlined, layer-based composition environment.

Use cases

Rapid Prototyping

The Element Library can expedite the prototyping phase, allowing to quickly assemble scenes or interfaces by dragging and dropping various elements onto the canvas, assessing layouts, and experimenting with visual styles in real-time.

Consistent Asset Design

The element library provides a consistent set of elements that can be used throughout, ensuring that all assets—from props to UI components—maintain a cohesive look and feel.

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